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Why Have Professional Portrait Photography Celebrating Your Achievement?

Because Snapshot Pictures of Your High School Senior, Eagle Scout, University
and Juris Doctorate Commencement are Great for Facebook.....

....But Your Family Wants A Real Portrait For The House!

Pictures show the story of your life, reminders of achievements, places, emotions and moments in time that mold your passions, beliefs and direction in life. Take the tour of our site to see how we tell your life story in a portrait of consequence. After all, a Picture is of somebody, a Portrait is about somebody. We create portraits, creating the story about you.

'Tough As Nails' Portrait of the Month

Our Latest Creations

  • Tough as Nails Athlete Portrait - Weightlifter, Model, Competitor As a professional photographer it's good veer off the beaten path to create photographic portraits  exploring the genre, and expanding the repertoire of imagery. Today we present to you photography of a professional bodybuilder and competitor. The goal is to create something for her, and for the viewer, that provides not only motivation but pleasure that matches the Latin phrase, 'Virtus Tentamine Gaudet', or in English, 'Streng... [read more]
  • Eagle Scout Portraits and America's Future Leaders I Have a Picture to Prove My Brother is Superman While creating senior pictures, college graduate and Eagle Scout portraits it's easy to realize these are portraits of 'America's Future Leaders.' But I never knew I'd create a portrait of Superman. This Superman came into the studio for a portrait over the holidays. This one particular Superman wanted a portrait with his Cub Scout brother and Girl Scout sister.  He is an Eagle Scout, a... [read more]
  • Eagle Scout Portraits Pictures of America's Future Leaders When we create portraits of Eagle Scouts, we understand the importance of creating these pictures of 'America's Future Leaders.' 'Space-Where Eagles Soar' From the US Scouting Service Project. "Of the 312 pilots and scientists selected as astronauts since 1959, at least 207 have been identified as having been Scouts or active in Scouting.  The list includes 39 Eagle Scouts, 25 Life Scouts, 14 Star Scouts, 26 First Class Scouts, 1... [read more]
  • Professional Portraiture and Pictures In Our 2015 Calendar - Order Now It's time to order your 2015 Wall Calendars (8-1/2 x 17 open.) If you wish to purchase a calendar let us know ASAP (next Monday.) Cost shipped is $29.95. After this date cost is $35.95. This is a limited edition run. Images are a collection of created studio art along with on-the-water (and under the water) imagery. We need payment by EOD Nov 24 for your discount. 2015 Calendars Now Available
  • 'Playin' In The Band' - Senior Pictures Professional Portraits of Consequence Senior pictures should be a portrait of consequence, telling a story about a rite-of-passage marking the transition to adulthood. That's why we are always looking for a way to peer deeper into our portrait subjects, looking for a way to show their power, vitality and beauty. We're always looking for a way to tell the story, whether that be via athletics, activities, academics or via scouting (Eagle Scouts.) ... [read more]
  • Pictures of an Every Day Hero Special Needs Eagle Scout We hope that pride, and enjoyment of our work, shows through in every single portrait we create, pictures of 'America's Future Leaders.' One of our more poignant moments creating portraits, was meeting Eagle Scout Nathan Bush. Nathan has Down's Syndrome. The Boy Scout program makes room for special needs youth to achieve Eagle Scout. The institution that has created so many of America's leaders creates room for young men like Nat... [read more]
  • Poetry And Pictures - Photographs Tell The Story Words Rarely Can As a professional photographer, creating portraits of 'America's Future Leaders,' most pictures I create tell the story much better than any words might. But this song, by Jamey Johnson, captures the value of imagery in poetry, in words rarely expressing the power of photographs. Enjoy this poetry about photographs from the Black & White era of photography, from the Great Depression, through World War II through the Grea... [read more]
  • Professioinal Pictures From A Professional Photographer We're proud portraits we create of Eagle Scouts & Girl Scout Gold, 'America's Future Leaders' achieving what only few youth successfully earn - Scouting's highest achievement. If we have not created your portrait for family, friends and loved ones (and the council service center honor wall) then call or go online here to GradPortraits to schedule your appointment in our professional studio. Recent Portraits of Eagle Scouts & Go... [read more]
  • Why Have Professional Senior Portraits by a Professional Photographer? Because Commencement Phone Snapshots are Great for Facebook... ...But Your Family Wants A Real Portrait For The House! Only 28% of Americans have a college degree - you're one of a select group. Celebrate it with a formal portrait for your family, not just a picture for a Facebook snapshot! We create, you 'live edit', and take your portraits home the same day emblazoned with your University of La Verne crest. That's rig... [read more]
  • We take tremendous pride creating Eagle Scout and high school senior pictures of 'America's Future Leaders' in our studio. That's why it's nice to receive notes like this one from an Eagle Scout mother.  "I received the portraits you sent and.....they are just beautiful. The color is wonderful and we are truly enjoying seeing the photos around our house every day.  Thanks, also, for working so hard to capture Nick's natural smile.  We are so pleased to have such incredible photos to preserve th... [read more]
  • We're proud of our portraits Pictures of America's Future LeadersWe'll share a customer's critique of our professional portraits created of her Eagle Scout son. We also created portraits of her entire family, all involved in Scouting.
  • Japanese Photographers Visit Our Professional Photography Studio After WPPI After our own whirlwind spin through Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), a senior pictures convention last week, a contingent of 17 professional photographers from Japan visited the portrait studio after their WPPI trip to see a professional studio's senior pictures before headeing home. Most of their photography is outdoors, they don't practice the art of studio portraiture as much as th... [read more]


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Portrait of Month Emails

'So many of our loved ones and OURSELVES avoid being photographed. A photograph of you is not for you. It is for those that love you. So many of us leave no trace of us that the people we love can hold......Be photographed. Be printed. Be held.'

A Birth Certificate shows how you begin life.
A Death Certificate will show how you finish life.
A Portrait of Consequence shows how you live life.

'You do not make portraits of children for their parents. You make them for when the child is a parent.

'Every time a parent refuses to be in a picture with their kids, they should be reminded their kids love them just the way they are.'